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Diferenças entre eleições nos Estados Unidos e no Brasil

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Entramos na última semana de campanha da eleição presidencial brasileira de 2018 e, se as polêmicas marcam esses últimos dias, muitas dúvidas também surgem sobre as diferenças entre o modelo brasileiro e o americano. A American Insight traz uma lista com os principais pontos divergentes entre os dois formatos. Confira!

InsightCast #16 – Franchising

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feat. Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes was the pitch competition winner for YLAI. Why? Simple answer: he is big! He employs more than 95 people and has 27 branches nowadays. He does know how to scale-up. In this episode, he discusses the role of a CEO and the challenging of franchising.


InsightCast #15 – Emotional Intelligence

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feat. Juan David Cifuentes

JDC, or Juan David Cifuentes, is an entrepreneur from Ecuador, he is the CEO of Cifuentes Strings and he is going to talk about something everyone faces when it comes to becoming successful: emotional intelligence!

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InsightCast #13 – Renewable Energy

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Everybody talks about the blue economy nowadays, however, is that for real? Kevin Devonish from Barbados and Luis Martin del Campo from Mexico discuss this issue with our host Thiago Lopes.

InsightCast #2 – Women Empowerment

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International Women’s Day is today and we would like to invite you to listen to a discussion among 2 Brazilian ladies (Michelle Guimarães and Monique Lemos), 1 from Mexico (Monica Camacho) and 1 from Venezuela (Jennifer Schell) hosted by @tlopesinsight!