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InsightCast #17 – Entrepreneurship

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feat. Nick Sacco

The CEO and co-founder of the best school of San Diego is back again. Nick Sacco will share his thoughts on entrepreneurship. American Insight and Connect English at the ring or octagon discussing such an important topic! Let’s live it up!

Check them out right here:

InsightCast #14 – Social Entrepreneurship

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Esse vai ser o primeiro InsightCast trilíngue que você vai ouvir. We’ve invited MJ from Uruguay, actually she is also from Brazil, to talk about something she loves doing: entrepreneurship in a social way. Know a little bit more of what she’s been doing that is much more than a cute teddy bear:

InsightCast #11 – Chocolate

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feat. Germán Santillán

Would you like some chocolate? Yeah! Germán Santillán, founder and CEO of Oaxacanita brings the best when it comes to chocolate in your mind and we can already feel your mouth watering. Chocolovers, this is for you!

InsightCast #10 – Coffee

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feat. Roberto Cobaquil

Who likes coffee? Raise your cups (or mugs)! Yeah! Roberto Cobaquil, co-founder and CFO of Coffee District brings the best when it comes to coffee on the table. Would you like a cup of coffee? Don’t forget to drop by Coffee District when you are in Guatemala!

InsightCast #9 – The USA & The English Language

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feat. James Story

We have a very special guest in this episode. The General Consul of the US, Mr. James Story. He will talk a little bit about the United States and why you should pay a visit to his homeland. Moreover, Thiago Lopes plays around the English language with him.

InsightCast #7 – Legal English

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American Insight, CERS e Thales Maciel trazem para você um curso so freaking special: Legal English ou Inglês Jurídico. O professor @thalesbcmaciel é advogado e proficiente in English. Nesse episódio ele vai contar um pouco sobre sua experiência e vamos conversar sobre o porquê que você deve fazer o curso. Lembrando que o CERS é a maior escola online de todos os segmentos do Brasil.

InsightCast #6 – English Tips

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Guess what?! We have California in the building today! Yeah! Nick Sacco, co-founder and CEO of Connect English, gives some tips on how to become a better English speaker/writer/reader/listener. Plus, don’t forget that American Insight can take you to Connect English, San Diego, CA, for less than U$1000/month!

Insight Cast #1 – Introduction (Portuguese Version)

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Nosso primeiro episódio vai explicar qual o nosso propósito com esse podcast e o que você pode esperar de nós. Não se esqueça de assinar nossa newsletter: